About the Chapter

The Pinellas County Chapter of the ACLU is the second oldest local chapter in the state of Florida. Our chapter serves as a local champion of civil liberties and as a defender of the freedoms embedded in the Bill of Rights through education, outreach and advocacy. We attend and put on events in the community to raise awareness of, and advocate for civil liberties. We also have a legal panel that works actively to ensure that the civil liberties of the members of our community are protected.

Chapter Leadership

Ray Arsenault – President
Maria Vesperi – Vice President
Margaret Evans – Treasurer
Jeff Harper – Secretary
Catherine Blackburn
Kathryn Arthur
Bruce Howie

Peyton Jones
Llani O’Connor
Stephanie Owens
Nano Riley
Sam Schrift
Wendy Snyder
Jay Solvosky
Patricia Weeks

Contact Us


Pinellas County Chapter of the ACLU
PO Box 12372,
Petersburg, FL 33733